“Texas is an exceptional place. Together, we can show the nation how Texas leads.”

About Luisa

Luisa del Rosal is running for Texas House District 114 to keep Texas exceptional. Luisa knows what we have here is special because she has seen the alternative to a free and fair society.

Born and raised in Mexico, Luisa always wanted to make a difference, but Mexico is a country where there was no rule of law and where individual ambition and talent are not given free reign.

That is why she came to Texas and followed the rules to become a United States citizen. Luisa enrolled at Southern Methodist University (SMU) where she earned dual bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s in Higher Education Policy and Leadership.

After graduating, Luisa ran a program at Education is Freedom where she worked with local businesses and Mayor Tom Leppert’s office to provide underprivileged students with internship opportunities to better prepare them for the workforce and college.

Driven by her passion for education and a love for her University, Luisa returned to SMU and currently serves as the executive director of two Research and Public Policy Centers. A national leader on Texas-Mexico relations, she is the youngest executive director at the University, as well as the only Hispanic to head up two Centers.

Luisa is a Republican because her experience as an immigrant made her passionate about empowering people with freedom, opportunity and personal responsibility. She found those things in Texas.

Luisa is committed to protecting our Republican free-market principles. Values that have given her and countless others an opportunity to succeed. She will keep taxes low and regulations reasonable, so Texas remains the nation’s leading job growth state.

Education is the great equalizer and our best economic development tool. Luisa will use her experience to ensure our children excel in the classroom and beyond.

Luisa lives in North Dallas with her husband Ricardo. She is a member of St. Rita Catholic Community and is a dedicated volunteer of the Junior League of Dallas.

Learn about my background

What I’m Fighting For

Growing up in Mexico, I saw firsthand the poverty and lack of opportunity caused by an intrusive government. I will make sure Texas leads the nation in job growth and opportunity.

Keep taxes low, regulations reasonable and our legal system fair so that Texas remains the leading economic and job growth state in America.

Cut unnecessary regulations so businesses can create jobs and get Texans back to work as we recover from the pandemic.

Pass balanced budgets that cut wasteful spending.

Remain committed to protecting the lives of the unborn.

Fight for more local control of education to allow our teachers to innovate in the classroom and to engage and challenge our students because education is the great equalizer.

Secure the border to stop the flow of illegal drugs and human traffickers into our neighborhoods.

Prioritize funding for women's health care and make it more available for underserved women.

Defend the Second Amendment right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. As a young woman, I know that seconds count and sometimes you have to be your own first responder when threatened.

Support our active military members and veterans who bravely serve our nation.

Support our police and reform police practices. They go hand in hand.

Require better de-escalation training, body cameras for all officers, and ensure that our police are reflective of the communities they serve.

Conversations with Luisa


The Great Equalizer

No Limits

Becoming A Citizen

Education and Opportunity

Our Shared Journey

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Experience Fighting for Free Enterprise and Religious Liberty

  • Endorsed by NFIB TX PAC for support of small business
  • 2018 40 under 40 Award – Dallas Business Journal
  • 2017 Latino Business Up and Comer Award – D Magazine
  • 2018 SMU Distinguished Hispanic Alumni Award
  • Executive Director of the John G. Tower Center
  • Founder and Executive Director of the Texas-Mexico Center at SMU
  • Founding Member of the Texas Latino-Jewish Leadership CouncilAmerican Jewish Committee
  • President of the 2017 Alumni Class of the American Swiss Foundation Young Leaders Program
  • 2018 British Council Future Leaders Connect Delegate
  • American Council on Germany 2018 Young Leader
  • Texas Federation of Republican Women Member
  • Dallas County Young Republicans Member
  • Lake Highlands Republican Women Member
  • Preston West Republican Women’s Club Member
  • Park Cities Republican Women Member
  • AIPAC Member

A Letter from Luisa

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Texas is an exceptional place. We stand on principle, and we fight for what’s right. They say “As goes Texas, so goes the nation.” It’s true, which is why we need to stand up for our values, now more than ever.

I am a young Hispanic woman and a first generation American. It can come as a surprise to some that I am a Republican, but it shouldn’t. My experience as a millennial Latina who immigrated to Texas has made me deeply passionate about furthering policies that empower individuals with freedom, opportunity and personal responsibility.

We must keep taxes low and regulations reasonable, so we can create jobs and provide for our families. We must prioritize education because it is the great equalizer and our best economic development tool. I care deeply about these values, and I am not alone.

Young people want an opportunity to show the world what we’re capable of achieving, not handouts. We want a strong economy that provides good paying jobs, so we can better our lives through hard work. We want low taxes, so we can keep more of what we earn.

Women are heads of households, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, engineers and CEOs. We know every penny counts, and every decision matters. We want government out of the way, so we can be empowered to decide what’s best for our families and businesses and to be trusted with our own ability of self-determination. We want a strong education system that prepares our children for the jobs of the future.

The Hispanic community is diverse and dynamic. I immigrated to America, following the rules, for a better life where I have the opportunity to reach my full potential. That opportunity exists here, in Texas. There are countless more like me. We are business owners, employees and hard workers that deeply believe in the power of individual responsibility and the strength that comes from valuing faith and family.

My name is Luisa del Rosal. I am a young Latina immigrant, and I humbly ask for your vote for State Representative. Together, we will keep Texas exceptional!


Luisa del Rosal

Early Voting Locations

Near House District 114. You are able to vote at any Early Voting location in Dallas County.

Dates: Tuesday, October 13 – Friday, October 30
Times: 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Sunday.

Audelia Road Branch Library
10045 Audelia Road
Dallas, Texas 75238

Marsh Lane Baptist Church
10716 Marsh Lane
Dallas, Texas 75229

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
7611 Park Lane
Dallas, Texas 75225

Brookhaven College
3939 Valley View Lane, Building W
Farmers Branch, Tx 75244

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