Securing the Border

There is no greater threat to America than the crisis at the border. Democrat open border policies reward law breakers and punish American families. Drug cartels, terrorists and human traffickers flood across the border by the millions, destroying property and communities. Many Americans have even paid the ultimate price at the hands of people who should never have been on our soil to begin with. As an immigrant who came to America the right way, Luisa will fight to lock down the southern border with physical barriers and military resources to restore the rule of law.

Unleashing Free Enterprise

Bidenomics has created runaway inflation not seen in decades. American families are hurting. Everything is more expensive, from groceries and clothes to cars and shelter. Democrats try to tax and spend our way to prosperity, but the results are disastrous. Luisa will free our nation’s job creators from the shackles of burdensome government regulations and cut taxes that stifle investment and eat away at family budgets. When Americans unleash the power of American free enterprise, nothing can stop us, and we can look forward to a new era of economic liberty and made-in-America prosperity.

Defending the 2nd Amendment

When seconds matter, we have to be able to protect our families on our own—not by running away or calling the police, but by exercising our Constitutional right to bear arms. Luisa grew up in Mexico with metal bars on her windows. She knows what it’s like to live in a place where the government disarms its people and the rule of law is weak. Now, particularly in America’s Democrat run cities, we live in places of lawlessness where criminals rein and police forces are defunded. None of us know when we will need to be our own first responder. That’s why Luisa is an ardent support of our 2nd Amendment rights. Every American has the Constitutional right to protect themselves, their family and their property.

Protecting Innocent Life

Life is God’s greatest gift. A woman of faith, Luisa knows that life begins at conception and is committed to protecting ALL innocent life. We need to start by restoring Judeo-Christian values into American society. The decline in God’s role in our lives has made unthinkable acts, like allowing abortions until birth, commonplace among the left. Luisa will stop taxpayer funded abortions, and fight back against radical Democrats’ abortion on demand policies.

Fighting Woke Ideology

Democrats use Marxist identity to divide America by race, class, and sexual identity, pitting neighbor against neighbor and citizen against citizen in a false zero-sum game. As a Hispanic immigrant, Luisa rejects the left’s attempts to divide our nation. The foundation of America is built on individual liberty and equal opportunity. Luisa is living the American Dream. Her story is living is proof that if you work hard in America, your opportunities are limitless. Democrats have no answer for that!

Values Rooted in Faith and Family

There is a cultural rot spreading in the roots of American society. Hollywood and liberal coastal elites are trying to normalize the sexualization of our children. Big tech uses complex algorithms to bombard our teens with sexualized content. Our children are forced into conversations about “gender identity” in grade school. It’s a sickness, and the effect of the disease on our children is a horrifying rate of drug and alcohol abuse and suicide. Luisa will fight for our traditional values, rooted in faith and family, because our children deserve to be kids and grow up in a world that respects common decency.

American Energy Independence

The Green New Deal is a thinly veiled Marxist plot to destroy the American economy. It picks winners and losers in the marketplace and skyrockets energy prices for all of us. Europe is living the devasting consequences of an inadequate green energy network that still relies on foreign energy. America’s economic engine should be powered by American energy. Luisa strongly supports the American oil and gas industry and believes we should eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. We should cut regulations to allow entrepreneurs to innovate the next generation of technologies for energy independence, just as they did with Texas’ natural gas shale boom in recent decades.

Standing with Israel

As a founding member of the Texas Latino-Jewish Leadership Council, Luisa is an ardent supporter of Israel. Luisa has always admired and respected the strength of the Jewish community in North Texas. Luisa became involved with the American Jewish Committee (AJC) where she traveled to Israel and visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust remembrance museum in Jerusalem. The experience had a profound impact on her life and reaffirmed her commitment to stand strong with the state of Israel and against the antisemitism that has been embraced by the left.

Supporting our Military Heroes

We owe everything to our men and women in uniform who fight for our freedoms. As a first-generation American, Luisa does not take those freedoms for granted. She will be a tireless advocate for our military and veterans, ensuring they have the resources they need both abroad and at home.

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